Mammoth Mountain, CA Report: The Upper Gondola Returns + Still 100″ of Snowpack on Summit!

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Wiggle deep. image: snowbrains

Report from June 16th, 2019

Mammoth Mountain, CA’s upper Panorama Gondola has been closed the past two weeks for scheduled maintenance. 

It just reopened over the weekend and it’s great to have it back.

It’s too fun to rip top-to-bottom laps and have a comfy gondola that takes you directly from the very bottom to the very top.

Chair 23 getting amongst the clounds. image: snowbrains

The Cornice Bowl just under the gondola is skiing so smooth due to the lack of skier traffic the past week and the Hangman’s Chute just west of the top of the gondola top is skiing like a steep dream

Mammoth is still rocking 2 legit terrain parks – a bigger one and a smaller one.

Chair 23 is still skiing terrifically with steep, mellow, slushy bumps and a wiggle that is getting deeper by the day.

Greggy up high off Chair 23. image: snowbrains

It feels like Mammoth must be skiing better than it ever has in June and with a deeper snowpack than they’ve ever had in June – but what do I know – this is my first ever June here.

All I know is that Mammoth is skiing great and that the snow is crazy deep for this time of year.

They still have 100″ of snowpack laying around on the summit right now.

292% of average snowpack in Mammoth, CA right now.  image:  nrcs/noaa

According to NOAA, Mammoth is currently sitting on a 292% of average snowpack!

Mammoth saw 718″ of snowfall this season.

Greggy in Hangman’s Chute. image: snowbrains


image: mammoth, 6/17/19


image: noaa, 6/17/19


Chair 23 and the Upper Panorama Gondola. image: snowbrains
Wiggle it! image: snowbrains

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