VIDEO: Massive Controlled Avalanche Triggered From Helicopter on Mt. Roberts, AK

AvyBrains | | AvalancheAvalanche

After a heavy snowfall in Juneau, Alaska, the State’s Dept. of Transportation conducted a controlled avalanche drill on the side of Mt. Roberts, using a helicopter and explosives that are dropped from a dispenser that’s slung under the chopper.

There are 3 avalanches in this video, beginning with the largest and longest. During the first avalanche, the snow continued to slide down the chute for a couple of minutes after the powder reached sea level, so it takes a couple of minutes to get the full scale of this avalanche. It’s likely that several hundred thousand tons of snow was moved during just the first event.

I shot this at 1080p using a 4K Sony video camera with an internal 3 axis gimbal, mounted to a monopod, while at Sandy Beach in Douglas, Alaska.

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