Missing Teen Snowboarder Rescued After Spending Freezing Night at Sun Peaks Resort

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Carson Hadwin, 14, has been rescued after spending a night alone in the snowy mountains of interior BC. Photo: Facebook

A teen snowboarder was reported missing Sunday afternoon after he failed to return home from the Sun Peaks Resort in British Columbia last Sunday, Feb. 2 and had to brave a freezing night in the interior BC mountains. Thankfully, he was later found and rescued mid-day Monday, Feb. 3.

Carson Hadwin, 14, took a shuttle earlier in the day to Sun Peaks Resort and was last seen around 10:30 a.m. on the ski hill before he suddenly disappeared. He never got on the shuttle back that night.

By evening, his parents were worried sick when he had failed to return home. 

That night, search and rescue proceeded to scour the mountain with helicopters, drones, and a grounds crew for any sign of Hadwin. Search and rescue was not able to locate him that night, and many feared the worst.

Remarkably though, Hadwin had been located around 12:30 p.m today, Monday Feb. 3, and has been helicoptered from the mountain, the Vancouver Sun Reports. Currently he is being given a full medical assessment by a trauma team upon landing but everyone is relieved that the teen is alright.

Sun Peaks Resort trail map. Credit: Sun Peaks Resort

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