Monterosa, Italy Conditions Report: One Big 6,000-Vertical Foot Dream Run

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Miles for a steep turn. image: marco guidi

On Saturday, we awoke to sunny skies in Alagna, Italy.

We rode lifts to the top.

We skinned for about an hour.

We dropped into a dreamland.

Hakon in space. image: marco guidi

We found cold, powdery snow on northern aspects.

We found creamy corn on all other aspects.

This 6,000-vertical-foot run had a bit of everything.

Miles with some room in great pow. image: marco guidi

The tight chute we skied on the exit was long and slushy and tight and fun.

Cruising out the exit, we saw the cutest summer villages that were buried in snow. 

Miles slash pow cloud spray. Hakon watch.  image: marco guidi

At least 6-feet of snow on every roof.

The snow got thinner and thinner until we were walking on a summer trail back to town.

Marco and big terrain. image: snowbrains

The trail had wildflowers, grass, and cobblestones.

This place is a dream I hope I never wake up from.

Miles slash rock. image: marco guidi

Another terrific 6,000-vertical-foot adventure with the Alagna Rat Pack.

Special thanks to Alagna, Monterosa, and the Alagna Rat Pack.

Big thanks as well to Intuition Liners for making this trip happen.


Powder Snow! Miles. image: zeb blais
Miles slush slash. image: zeb blais
Happy campers. image: hakon
Miles stoked on the up. image: zeb blais
Headed up! image: marco guidi
Zeb with the wall slash. image: marco guidi
Happy hippy turns. image: marco guidi
Soul line. image: hakon
Miles and Zeb in a Chamish chute. image: marco guidi
Up! image: snowbrains
Marco dropping. image: zeb blais
Traverse in gorgeous terrain. image: zeb blais
The crew. photo: zeb blais
Zeb and Andy workin’ it. image: snowbrains
Andy vista. image: snowbrains
Andy slush slash. image: zeb blais
More pow! Miles. image: zeb blais
Headed up. photo: zeb blais
Happiness. photo: zeb blais
Scale. image: zeb blais
Miles slashy slashy. image: zeb blais
Cool slushy chute. Miles. image: zeb blais
On the way out. Lots of snow. image: snowbrains
Summer trail cruising. image: snowbrains
Spring is gorgeous here on every level. image: snowbrains
Alagna is spectacular. image: snowbrains

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