More Monoliths Spotted Throughout the World—Mystery Solved!

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Original monolith found this year in the Utah desert on November 18th, 2020. One night since then, it vanished. Photo courtesy of Utah Department of Public Safety/EPA via The Guardian.

As previously reported by SnowBrains, various monoliths have recently been spotted across the United States, first in the Utah desert and then one on top of Pine Mountain in California. A third monolith has been spotted in the United States, this time at Sunlight Mountain Resort in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. A monolith is usually in reference to some form of tall structure or column, but in the case of all of the recent monolith sightings, they have been shiny metal, hollowed pillars standing at around 10ft (3m) in height.

Monolith spotted at Sunlight Mountain Resort in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. Image courtesy of Sunlight Mountain Resort.

What is With All of These Monoliths?

There are plenty of conspiracy theories, ranging from these structures being part of a PR stunt, a new art movement, or even signs of alien activity. What is even stranger is that these monoliths have mysteriously vanished from their locations days after originally being placed there. Is it the owners of the monoliths removing them? Is it a secret cult organization? Actually, it turns out to be several individuals and organizations that have started to claim responsibility for these monoliths. Both of the ones placed in California and Utah have been claimed by a group called The Most Famous Artists. As The Independent has reported, the group is now selling replicas of the monoliths for $45,000, although when checking The Most Famous Artists’ website, that link seems to no longer exist… Is it all part of the game? Who knows.

Hundreds of Monoliths Spotted Across the World

At first, these monoliths may seem somewhat weird and rare, but as a matter of fact, monoliths have been popping up all across the world. In addition to the recent sightings already outlined, monoliths have had confirmed sightings in Romania, Britain, Limburg Belgium, Baasrode Belgium, the Netherlands, and countless other locations. The monolith in Britain, which was recently discovered on the Isle of Wight in southern Britain, was claimed by a designer named Tom Dunford from the UK. When speaking with the BBC, Dunford said it was “purely for fun” and that he would take it down a couple of days after it was erected.

Monolith found on Isle of Wight, Britain. Image courtesy of Lee Peckham/PA Wire via The Independent.

As for the other monoliths, it remains unknown who is responsible for their placement. In time, someone or group is likely to come forward, but there is always the case of it going unsolved, leaving the human mind to come to conclusions.

If you are curious about even more monoliths that have been spotted throughout the world, I encourage you to check out the dedicated Wikipedia page with a list of reported monolith sightings, broken down by country and date spotted (there are a lot), although many are unconfirmed sightings. You can check that website out here.

Monolith spotted in Limburg, Belgium, on Tuesday, December 8th, 2020. Image courtesy of Belga via The Brussel Times.

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