Mount Baker, WA Report: Spring Is Setting in but Mount Baker Is Still Going Off

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Snowboard Jump
Mt. Baker boarder sending it off a booter under chair 8.

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Report from Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Spring conditions are setting in all over but Mount Baker refuses to quit. Tomorrow Baker is looking to get 7-9″ of new snow. With another moderate dump of 6-7″ on Friday too. Giving way to April powder skiing here in Washington.

Baker side contry
Here you can see people getting some on the Shuksan Arm just outside the resort boundary.

I went up today so I could enjoy the sun and harvest some corn. With plenty of good skiing after the melt cycle ran its course, the whole mountain opened up with great corn snow all over. However, it was definitely a waiting game for the thaw. Going off the groomers early was a beating on the knees and not suggested.

Hopefully, the new snow keeps on coming this year like in 2018. Which you can read about in a previous article. While it would be unusual at this time of year it would be welcome news for locals. Especially since Mount Baker is planning to stay open until May 5th.

Looking forward to enough snow to cover up the crust, so we don’t end up with dust on a crust. I’ll report back Thursday on how it’s going up here. Until then get out there before the season is over. Hit up your partners and chase the goods that are still out there in the backcountry if the resorts are closed.

Steeps of Shuksan
The steeps off in the Baker backcountry are still looking great. Once the next storm cycle settles it’ll be tracked up again.

Snow conditions

Baker Sno report
The snow totals vary by source but I hope this one is right.


mount baker, Washington,
The 7-day extended forecast for Mount Baker ski area, WA. Credit: NOAA
mount baker, washington,
Mount Baker trail map

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