Mt. Bachelor Conditions Report: Spring Break Faceshots | Bring Your Snorkel | 21-39″ of Snow Forecasted

Chris Wallner | | Conditions ReportConditions Report
Monday at Bachelor consisted of Faceshots & Smiles. PC: Jack Nermyr

If you’re looking to get your spring break powder fix on anytime soon, you’re going to want to head to Mt. Bachelor. Monday was one of the best days of skiing in my entire life. It all started with 7″ of snow overnight and 8″ more falling throughout the day.

Open chairs on NorthWest. PC: Chris Wallner/SnowBrains

We headed right up Pine Martin Express in the morning and traversed over to NorthWest. Boy was the wind howling up top, but it was a treat to have it open. Once we got down the first hundred verticle feet or so, tree cover saved us and the snow was light & fluffy. Constant snowfall throughout the day filled in tracks faster than we could make them.

Jack in the White Room. PC: Chris Wallner/SnowBrains

The longest line we battled all day lasted a whole minute before we were on the chair. You could take laps as fast as you could get down to the chair. Untracked powder was to be had throughout the day and the wind aided in filling in the tracks.

Beautiful snow on the mountain. PC: Chris Wallner/SnowBrains

Looking ahead this week, the forecast is All-Time. Snow is expected to fall continuously with cold temperatures and we are currently under a Winter Weather Advisory. While others are planning their spring break in the warmth, why not bring your snorkel and ski at Bachelor, because you’re going to need it.

Check out this forecast. Image: NOAA

This forecast is absolutely out of this world. It is calling for anywhere from 21-39″ of snow to fall just through Wednesday Night. More snow is expected to fall all the way throughout the extended forecast.

The last run of the day was EPIC. PC: Jack Nermyr

Current Conditions At Mt. Bachelor:

  • 24 Hour Snowfall: 15″
  • 3 Day Snowfall: 24″
  • 7 Day Snowfall: 34″
  • Season Snowfall: 465″
  • Snow Depth: 164″
  • Forecast: Snow Snow Snow
Waist-Deep at Bachelor. PC: Chris Wallner, SnowBrains

Fun Week Ahead:

  • USCSA Nations from Tuesday-Saturday
  • Cascade Crest Nordic Ski Race Saturday-Sunday
  • Red Chair Rally & Deschutes Brew Bus 2017 Sunday
  • Powder Skiing All Week Long

Photo Tour:

The trees were filling in constantly throughout the day. PC: Chris Wallner/SnowBrains
The longest line we had all day at NorthWest. PC: Chris Wallner/SnowBrains
Typical line at NorthWest. Image: Chris Wallner/SnowBrains
Check out this snow wall, its at least 30ft tall. PC: Matthew Polland

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