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James Blake

This guy is a little different then your average englishmen.brings a whole new sound to the table which is honestly quite refreshing. His name is James Blake and yes he is from London. You could say he first showed up on the scene in the UK in 2008 but he didn’t really start seeing the spot light till he released his self proclaimed album in 2011. Ever sense then he has picked up speed and has produced some great tracks. Blake’s transy and dream like sounds paired with some great vocals creates a post-dubstep like fell. Bottom line is James Blake can lay down some beats.

His newest album came out in early 2013 titled “Overgrown” and has had nothing but great feedback. He was even nominated this year at the 56th Annual Grammy Awards for Best New Artist. James has recently been working on projects with other artist Chance the Rapper and have been producing some incredible original works and some remixes. Play his stuff with a system with a big sub and feel your whole body shake! Truly an awesome sound.

James Blake

Best Tracks:

  • Life Round Here
  • Retrograde
  • Limit to your Love
  • Over Grown



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