National Brotherhood of Skiers 50th Anniversary in Vail, CO, Day 5: Demos, Competitions, TuTus, Bar-B-Que, and a Grand Gala . . . What Could Beat That?

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National Brotherhood of Skiers
Photo Courtesy of Vail Mountain

Day 5 of the 2023 50th anniversary Summit for the National Brotherhood of Skiers in Vail, CO, did not disappoint. Today, members from over 115 black ski clubs across the country came together for races, challenges, scavenger hunts, ski and board demos, and three unique events, which got the whole mountain celebrating “Soul on the Snow.”

From 8:30 AM – 3:30 PM, the Village Vendor Outdoor Retailer Demo allowed summit guests to check out new technology and gear right at the base of Golden Peak. Some of the most notable ski/snowboard brands like Burton, Salomon, Helly Hansen, and more had tents at the base. 

Demo Salomon
Salomon and Blizzard’s tents set up at the Vendor Demo. Photo Courtesy Haleigh Hafner

The Vertical, Snowshoe, and Nordic challenges/competitions all resumed this morning at 8:30 AM in Vail and Beaver Creek. As the races picked up, a crowd gathered at the base of Golden Peak to cheer participants on through the course. Each challenge is going to be open until tomorrow, February 9. Until then, anyone and everyone can shoot their shot at getting the lowest time for each challenge. 

Helly Hansen
The Helly Hansen Race Track is open to all guests to try out. Photo Courtesy Haleigh Hafner

I spoke with a Vail Resorts employee who was working at the demo today, and he said he has enjoyed working the vendor tents during NBS. He said he loves seeing everyone smiling, even under their gators, coming down the race course. 

TuTus for TaTas Ski Down an event to promote “love and support to our warrior ski/snowboard friends and family who are living with or have dealt with breast cancer or cancer,” began this morning at 9:30 AM. Men, women, and children put on their best and flashiest tutus today to celebrate loved ones who have or are currently battling cancer. The amount of love, support, and tutus that people brought to this event was truly moving to see. 

Are these not the most festive Vail Resorts employees you’ve ever seen? Photo Courtesy Haleigh Hafner

The TuTus for TaTas participants met in MidVail around 11 AM for the show-stopping event of the day: Bar-B-Que On The Hill, sponsored by Rockstar Energy Drink. This Bar-B-Que was not your typical backyard potluck. NBS did not play around when planning fun activities for this event. All the clubs, sororities, and fraternities that attended the summit had the opportunity to get a group photo taken, play trivia together, play minute-to-win-it games for a $50 prize, and eat some delicious home-style food together. There was also a DJ performing for the entire event, and the energy exuding from his music was so positive and uplifting. The music definitely got everyone in a great mood – anyone passing by could tell the people who came to NBS take pride in being a part of the organization.  

Ski club
Awesome club from Pasadena, CA. Photo Courtesy Haleigh Hafner

At the Bar-B-Que, I had the pleasure of speaking with different NBS members who attend this summit almost every year. The group pictured below said they have been coming to the NBS Summit each year since the last time Vail hosted – which was not since the early 2000s. Over the years, the summit changed this group’s lives. They said they love coming to the summit year after year to meet new people from across the country. The dedication members have to this summit further proves how important it is to celebrate community, skiing, and the National Brotherhood of Skiers.

New Orleans Club
A group from New Orleans grabbing some BBQ. Photo Courtesy Haleigh Hafner

Rounding out this jam-packed day, there were other races and challenges NBS summit spectators could have attended. Summit guests were also welcome to join in on an NBS General Membership meeting at the Hythe today at 3:30 PM. 

Those who bought tickets will keep the party going into the later hours of the night at the NBS Summit 50th Anniversary Gala, presented by AMEX. The tickets are sold out, so there will be a big crowd at the Hythe tonight in “Formal Chic” attire starting at 6 PM. For people who were not quick enough to get tickets – they can still participate in late night activities at The Arrabelle starting at 7 PM. DJ Kutz will be hosting the party all night long. 

With so many engaging and fun activities happening at once in one day, I can only wait to see what happens tomorrow on day 6 of the 50th annual NBS Summit. Rumor has it that more snow is coming tonight!

Member of the Sunshine Slopers Inc., based out of South Florida. Photo Courtesy Haleigh Hafner
This group is rockin’ the pink TuTus to show support for cancer survivors and those currently battling cancer. Photo Courtesy Haleigh Hafner
Ski Club from Chicago, IL. Photo Courtesy Haleigh Hafner

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