New Snowsport Coaching Podcast Gaining Worldwide Attention

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The ‘Locked in Shed’ podcast features two of the U.K.’s top ski coaches. photo credit: Listen Notes

A new and innovative podcast series has recently gained attention from snowsports enthusiasts from around the globe. ‘Locked in Shed’, created by two highly ranked ski coaches from the United Kingdom, was originally geared towards instructors and coaches interested in learning about the history and process of coaching in the UK. However, it has gradually gained an audience from across the world.

The idea first came to fruition after John Shedden and Richard Barbour combined their creative visions during the COVID-19 lockdown. Initially, their goal was to highlight memories and stories from John’s extensive career in snowsports but as their followers increased, so did their content. Reaching audiences from as far away as Australia, Utah, and even Ecuador, the podcast has now expanded into a resource for coach development, covering topics such as skill development and coaching methodology.

The podcast has become a great resource for coaches new and seasoned. photo credit:

The response to the podcast has been surprising, as it was originally focused on coaches in the British scene, however, a large number of listeners are based elsewhere in the world. CEO of Snowsport England, Tim Fauke, commented,

“I’m delighted to hear a podcast that celebrates the history, art, and science of coaching, spearheaded by our first Director of Coaching John Shedden. It’s a great educational resource for all coaches.”

Initiated by Shedden, his legacy as an expert ski coach, author of five books, first teacher to qualify with both British and Austrian Ski Teacher and Coach Awards, and creator of the National Coaching Foundation continues on. His partner, Barbour, is also infamous for being an expert coach in the worlds of engineering and sport, as well as the architect of the current international coaching awards for Snowsport England. The two have successfully joined their experience and knowledge in the form of a podcast to deliver valuable information to coaches.

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