New Terrain Expansion at Marmot Basin, AB

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The new terrain offers a 750′ (250m) vertical drop and adds 25 acres of skiable terrain. Image courtesy of Marmot Basin.

After two previous attempts to open the same area back in 2003 and 2008, Marmot Basin in Alberta, Canada, has finally been successful in expanding its terrain by 25 acres to offer even more high-alpine terrain off the top of Marmot Peak. The new terrain, which has always been considered in-bounds for Marmot Basin but always blocked off, has been eyed by the resort for years, but until the resort felt all safety measures in the area were met, they kept it blocked off.

While talking on CBC’s Edmonton AM, Brian Rode, vice president of Marmot Basin, said,

“So what we’ve done now is just [been] able to move our rope fences, if you will, and push into that terrain to allow people to have higher access… If you’re a strong intermediate, you’ll find some good terrain up there for you but, generally speaking, it is for advanced expert skiers.”

A top-down view from Marmot’s Peak of the new terrain. Image courtesy of Marmot Basin.
A bottom-up view of the new high-alpine terrain of Marmot Peak. Image courtesy of Marmot Basin.

This new terrain, which is beside the current runs Suzie’s and McCready’s Choice (both black diamonds), is accessible via five gates. A hiking trail running from the top of the Knob Chair to Marmot Peak will allow you to ski the entire 750’ (250m) vertical drop while gates lower down allow for less hiking but still great access to the new terrain.

This news comes after an already great season for Marmot Basin, receiving over 157” (400cm) of snow, with more in the forecast.

The highlighed area shows where at Marmot Basin the new terrain is. Image courtesy of Marmot Basin.

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