New York City on Track to Break Record for Longest Period Without Snow

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Skiing the Big Apple.
A scene from a snowy New York City, NY. Credit: Wall Street Journal

New York City has not seen much in terms of snowfall this winter. As of now, according to CBS News, the city is looking at the longest period of time without any measurable snowfall in the past 50 years. For those who live in the city and the surrounding area who were looking forward to the 2022-23 ski season, the lack of snow has impacted their winter plans more than most of us could’ve imagined.

Resorts in New York and New Jersey have been relying solely on man-made snow so far this winter. The snow-making process is expensive and most people prefer skiing fresh snow over the machine-blown stuff. But, this winter, unless people are willing to make the trek out of state or even out West they haven’t had many other options.

New York snow
Record-breaking snow in New York. Credit: AP

It has reportedly been almost a full year since New York City’s last measurable snowfall, 326 days to be exact. Local ski businesses could end up struggling without any snowfall in their immediate area. Whether people travel all the way to Colorado or Utah or just go to other resorts on the East coast receiving a bit more snow, these small businesses are not getting the traffic they’re used to.

This also means that the local resorts receiving some natural snow are growing increasingly more crowded as the season progresses, creating an environment most skiers would typically prefer to avoid. New Jersey and New York resort employees are also being asked to work day and night in order to make enough snow to keep the slopes up and running for those who continue to ski there. Not only is it an extensive and long-winded process to continue blowing snow all season, but it also uses an enormous amount of ski resorts’ standard water supply to maintain enough coverage on the mountain for skiers.

Aerial photo of Hunter Mountain, NY.

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  1. Not all of NY is NYC or the Catskills. Aren’t Gore and Whiteface in NY too? They’ve got plenty of snow this year. Its the CATSKILLS that have been hit hard by the rain and warmth. To the areas above the Thruway, its been a pretty decent year. For Central and Western NY, its not been a good year, for the Catskills, its been terrible.

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