NOAA: The 6-Year Drought in Colorado is Officially Over

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Only 2% of Colorado is currently considered “abnormally dry”


A federal drought report released last week shows that Colorado s currently almost completely free of the drought that had been plaguing the state for the previous 6 years.  Only 2% of Colorado is still considered “abnormally dry” by NOAA.  Just last week, 25% of Colorado was considered “abnormally dry”.

Just 3 months ago, 75% of Colorado was categorized as in a drought.  The last time Colorado had as little drought as they do right now was July 2009.

Looking good CO!
Looking good CO!

Thunderstorm activity has been above average the past couple weeks giving CO just enough rain to push them out of that drought category.

“They just had a little more thunderstorm activity in the last two weeks than they’ve had,” Eric Thaler, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Boulder

Colorado experienced some of the best spring skiing in many years due to seeing their wettest month of May in 121 years of record keeping.

Colorado has Wettest May on Record | Wettest in 121Years

May Colorado Snowpack is Insanely Above Normal

This graph shows how strong the drought was in CO in 2013
This graph shows how strong the drought was in CO in 2013

South Colorado is forecast to have an above average precipitation winter due to El Nino this year:

NOAA’s Official Outlook for Winter 2015/16 in the USA

Congrats, Colorado!

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