NOAA’s Predictions for You Having A White Christmas

Liam Abbott |
Map of the continental United States for predictions of a white Christmas. Image courtesy of NOAA.

Based on data from 1981 – 2010, NOAA has assembled an interactive map to determine the likelihood of you experiencing a white Christmas this year. If you are looking to almost guarantee your chance of getting a white Christmas, here is where you should go, according to NOAA: Maine, Vermont, upstate New York, Minnesota, Idaho, and of course the Rockies, Cascades, and Sierra Nevada mountain ranges.

The map considers a white Christmas to be when there is a minimum of one inch of snow on the ground. Using its 9800 weather stations across the United States that measure temperature, precipitation, snowfall, frost/freeze days, and heating and cooling degree days, NOAA is able to make these predictions.

How is your Christmas looking? If you were hoping for snow and it does not look like the odds are in your favor, never give up hope, as there is always the chance for a Christmas miracle!

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