North Face’s Short Film: Western Faces – a Glimpse Into the Australian Backcountry

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The North Face sponsored, short film, Western Faces, captures the essence of the adventurous Australian backcountry. The film features Australian freeskier Anna Segal, Australian mountaineer Tim Macartney-Snape, Freeride World Tour rookie Michaela Davis-Meehan, with New Zealand freeskiers Hank Bilous and Fraser McDougall.

They go on a mission in the Kosciuszko National Park in search of some of Australia’s steepest snow-covered terrain, and they find the goods. The mission captures some spring conditions in Australia as well as a twist in the story of being caught in a storm that nearly blows away their whole campsite. The film captures the rugged nature of the Australian mountains much to the surprise of the New Zealand skiers. Most people do not expect the Australian alps to have such steep and technical terrain.

western faces film
Anna Segal in Australian Backcountry. Credit: Mark Clinton, The North Face AuNZ Facebook.

Before the trip, Michaela Davis-Meehan had never been on a snow camping trip before. 

‘The trek out is a mission, but totally worth it for the feeling of being the only people in the world out there, and with views you don’t get anywhere else. Once you get up on top, looking out on the Main Range, it opens up to some big lines and it’s just magic.’

– Michaela Davis-Meehan

Anna Segal has traveled all over the world for skiing, yet in the film, she mentions that the Australian mountains were where she learned the most about skiing.

‘While some would describe Australia’s highest mountains as more resemblant to mounds or mole-hills, the alpine terrain and environment of Kosciuszko National Park can turn savage at the blink of an eye.’

– Anna Segal

The film was released via a Facebook event on July 16, given the state of the world the film dropping seemed fitting and encouraging to explore one’s backyard or country. 

“When Western Faces was filmed late last season, we had no idea where we would be today. Now, with all of us sticking closer to home, it’s the perfect time to be exploring our backyards – and the snowy mountains region is a good one.”

– Curators of the Facebook premier

western faces film
‘The kid at the back of the bus.’ Hank Bilous. Credit: Mark Clinton, The North Face AuNZ Facebook.

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