Northstar California Resort to Charge For Parking this Season

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New Northstar parking arrangements. Credit: Resort

Vail Resorts owned Northstar California Resort announced on Tuesday that starting this upcoming season it plans to charge guests to park at the Village View Lot.  Free parking will still be available at the Castle Peak Lot.

According to the resort, the change has been implemented to help reduce congestion on Northstar Drive and encourage guests to carpool, rideshare and make use of local shuttle options and public transportation.

“It is our priority to provide the best possible experience for our guests and their families,” Deirdra Walsh, vice president, and general manager of Northstar California said in a news release. “Through a conscious decision to control our parking resource, we expect to significantly reduce traffic flow on Northstar Drive, which will ultimately improve our parking and transportation experience for guests.”

Charges will be $10 Monday through Friday, and $20 on weekends and holidays. The lower village lot will remain $20 cash Monday through Friday, and $40 cash on weekends and holidays, and Northstar’s Platinum Valet will remain at $60. Employees of the resort will continue to park for free in designated areas.

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Northstar California. Credit:

There will be no entry gates, allowing for more fluid movement of traffic, and guests will pay at Passport Parking Kiosks, or via the Passport Parking app.

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14 thoughts on “Northstar California Resort to Charge For Parking this Season

  1. This might work on busy days, but I’m here on a Monday on all the lots are empty. If they were at all genuine about their intent, they’d make it free on non-weekends and holidays. However, I believe their intent is just financially motivated.

  2. The claim by execs at NS to justify the new parking charges is to improve traffic flow through Northstar Drive. That is a bunch of BS. I have skied at this resort for over 35 years. The only time there are traffic problems is during bad weather, caused primarily by the chain control stop on HW 267. The traffic issue will still be there no matter where you park on a stormy day. Maybe NS should concentrate on managing traffic around the chain controls instead of using this problem as another reason to squeeze more money from their customers.

  3. According to reports this has nothing to due with the environment or congestion on Northstar Dr. Vail Resorts may have sold the parking concession to a third party operator. If true, this should have been announced in April when 19/20 passes went on sale The new paid parking policy was announced on October 1st, after Vail had sold ten of thousands of season passes. The free parking is about as far as possible from the lifts. Just another Vail Resorts money grab

  4. I thought that by buying a season pass that I was considered a guest of the resort. Apparently not. They should have announced this BEFORE I bought my pass.

    1. The VP statements are based on what? Me thinks Vail Assoc. wants to make a better $$ experience for themselves. They know people will pay to park you’ll still get a lot of cars. Gee, I am not going skiing cuz I have to pay to park, like that will happen. Will there be a carpool app to NS available? Plus article not clear on cost, says 10/20, then 20/40 for lower village idiot parking lot what is 10/20 upper village idiot parking lot? If I am paying that parking lot better be clear and dry all the time. How about letting electric and plugin hybrids park for free since we are saving environment for your ugly grandkids, charge more for big gas guzzler SUVs. Still 10 dollars to park and shuttle and walk and get to bottom of mountain 40 minutes later for 10 to 60 dollars ain’t great. How about putting in high speed quad up the front while you are at it. BTW: Would never ski NS on weekend, I avoid it like the plague.

  5. This is going to kill the village restaurants and merchants. Why would I ever consider coming to the village apres ski when it costs $20 just to park within walking distance?

  6. And Northstar locks up the their title for the most inconvenient place to ski and worst designed base area in the industry. Park miles away and then have the shuttle drop you off no where near the lifts. You spend more time trying to get to the lifts than actually skiing. No thanks.

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