Ode to Avalanche: An Exposition of the Power of Snow

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Ode to Avalanche brings you an intimate look at the awesome yet destructive nature of avalanches.  Filmed primarily in the San Juan mountains, home to some of the most unstable snow in North America, this short piece serves as a stark reminder that we are not the ones in control while in the mountains.  Served up to a classic Beethoven score all you need to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the terrifyingly beautiful power of Mother Nature.

We fall in love with Mother Nature’s delicate charms, only to be enraptured by here dark side. She is a goddess, nothing but pure power and we are spellbound. In the high mountains of the Rockies, this love affair can be fatal. Few people have ever witnessed the terrifying beauty of a powder avalanche and lived to tell the tale. Filmed against the backdrop of Telluride, Colorado, accompanied by Beethoven’s most sublime music, Ode to Avalanche is a exhilarating tribute to the ultimate dance with the Beloved.

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One thought on “Ode to Avalanche: An Exposition of the Power of Snow

  1. lesson learned: these avalanche paths are well established, over millenium. your first indication: it’s happened right here before. many times.

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