Palisades Tahoe, CA, Renames 2 Landmarks to Remove Word ‘Squaw’ | US Government Committed to Renaming 650 Landmarks Nationwide

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Squaw Peak has been renamed Washeshu Peak. Credit: SnowBrains

Following the renaming of Squaw Valley ski area last year, the US government has committed to renaming hundreds of peaks, lakes, streams, and other geographical features on federal lands across the country that feature ‘Squaw’.

The word “Squaw” is considered a racial & sexist slur against Native Americans.

“After extensive research into the etymology and history of the term “squaw,” both generally and specifically with respect to Squaw Valley, outreach to Native American groups, including the local Washoe Tribe, and outreach to the local and extended community, company leadership has decided it is time to drop the derogatory and offensive term “squaw” from the destination’s name.”

– Palisades Tahoe, CA on 8/25/20

Palisades Tahoe announced on Saturday that two of its landmarks have new titles.

Sq**w Peak and Sq**w Creek officially have new titles. We are eager to embrace Washeshu Peak and Washeshu Creek, both of which have had the racial slur removed from their names. These landmarks will now be called by the Washoe word for “the people.” All credit for this meaningful change goes to our friends and partners the Washoe Tribe, who worked with @usgs to make this happen.

Washeshu Peak and Washeshu Creek are just 2 of 650 public places across the country that will no longer be using our resort’s former name.

You can view the full map of public place names that were changed here:

Palisades Tahoe

The renaming process, announced Thursday, capped a yearlong process that began after Deb Haaland, the first Native American to lead a Cabinet agency, took office in 2021. In November she declared the term derogatory and ordered members of the Board on Geographic Names, the Interior Department panel that oversees the uniform naming of places in the US, and others to come up with alternatives. There were nearly 650 places that needed a renaming.

California has taken its own steps to remove the word from place names and Gov. Gavin Newsom has until the end of September to decide whether to sign the bill into law.

650 landmarks across the country to be renamed to remove Squaw.


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6 thoughts on “Palisades Tahoe, CA, Renames 2 Landmarks to Remove Word ‘Squaw’ | US Government Committed to Renaming 650 Landmarks Nationwide

  1. At least some of the raddest lift accessed terrain for riders on this planet will always be properly referenced in the now legendary book Squallywood. No racial sexist slur there btw.
    Thank you much Dr. Robb Gaffney

  2. AnOnYmOuS- In Germany, Nazi symbolism is illegal. So does that mean today’s Germany are the REAL facists???

  3. If the word is so bad that we can’t use it or say it anymore. Tell me how come Palisades Tahoe Youtube channel still has videos up with the bad word in the title? If they have control of the Youtube channel, surely they can edit the titles or remove those videos in this digital age? Those poor Native American children who see those videos and every time they see the “bad” word they are reminded of how the early settlers were raping mommy and slaughtering daddy. Do the right thing Palisades Tahoe and finish the job, if you are going to remove the word, then completely REMOVE the word.

  4. Do you need a picture of Washeshu Peak? Find a picture of the Palisades/Main Chute of Palisades Tahoe as that is now Washeshu. Picture you have may not even be in California.

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