Park City, UT Report: Opening Day 2023 – Groomer Fun on the PayDay Chairlift

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Report from November 17, 2023

Today I rode a chairlift for the first time in 6 weeks.

It was glorious…

I’ve been hiking like a deranged lunatic the past 6 weeks ticking off days for my “300” project.

Today was day #285.

I showed up at Park City today at 10am not knowing anything about what they’d have open.

They had a DJ playing at the bottom and everyone was smiling.

The white ribbon. image: snowbrains

I rode up the First Time chair with a kid named Joseph who told me about his buddy who just broke his collarbone on his first run of the first day of the season…

Such a bummer…

I also saw someone getting drug off the hill in a ski patrol toboggan.

How did this happen? Physics. image: snowbrains

Be careful out there people…

From First Time I jumped onto Pay Day and rode the flying sofa up.

I didn’t know what to expect so I went with the flow.

Contrast. image: snowbrains

The run started off as I expected:  

  • Narrow
  • Flat

Then, it dropped off pretty good into a long blue square run that I had a hoot on!

Waiting for snow. image: snowbrains

I skied 5 laps with a cool high school kid named Aiden then called it quits to record a podcast with badass skier and mindfulness enthusiast, Sophie Schwartz.

All 5 laps were fun and I was shocked at just how much snow Park City has made out of thin air.

There’s plenty of snow on the runs and no snow anywhere else.

Wide ribbon. image: snowbrains

Today was a great experience for me.

I needed the rest of chairlifts.

I’ll do it again tomorrow before hiking again on Sunday for some of that sweet sweet Utah pow that’s in the forecast.

Thanks, Utah!

Snow Numbers

image: park city, 11/18/23


image: noaa, 11/18/23


Skiing Park City on opening day 2023. image: snowbrains
Getting sledded off the hill on day one… image: snowbrains
Grass. image: snowbrains
McConkey’s. image: snowbrains
Slide. image: snowbrains
Bare hills. image: snowbrains
Hills. image: snowbrains
Payday. image: snowbrains
Ribbon. image: snowbrains
Payday Chair. image: snowbrains
Mountain slide. image: snowbrains


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