Perisher Resort, Australia, to Replace 2 Chairlifts with 1 High-Speed 6-Seater

Julia Schneemann | | Industry NewsIndustry News
Perisher 8-chair
Village 8-chair, a Doppelmayr express on Perisher’s Front Valley, picture: Dr. Liz Dawes-Higgs @ausdermatologist

Perisher set to expand its lift infrastructure: It has come to SnowBrains’ attention that the development application lodged by Vail in December 2019 for a new chair lift on Mt. Perisher was quietly approved in September 2021 while lifts in the resort had stopped spinning due to the state-wide Covid-19 lockdown.

The approval gives the green light to replace the current 61-year old Perisher Double-Chair and 43-year old Perisher Triple-Chair with an express Doppelmayr Six-Chair. Not only will this shorten the trip from currently 11 minutes for the Double-Chair and 10 minutes for the Triple-Chair to a mere 5 minutes 31 seconds, so basically halving the time and thus more than double capacity.

Mt Perisher Triple Chair
Existing Mt Perisher Triple Chair, picture: Julia Schneemann

With a new top station at 2,042m (6,699 ft), it will also mean Perisher reclaims the title of “highest lifted point in Australia” from Thredbo. Thredbo snatched the title from Perisher in 1979 when Karel’s T-bar opened, taking skiers and boarders to 2,037m (6,683 ft) and exceeding the height of the Mt. Perisher double chair, which held the title until then, by 4m (13 ft).

Until Perisher or its parent Vail makes an official announcement regarding the start of this project, an opening date cannot be given. There were plans for a 2021 opening but the pandemic naturally put a halt on the start of construction on any major projects. This year Perisher focused on updating some of its snowmaking infrastructure, but we hope this will be high on their agenda for the 2023 ski season.

As soon as Perisher confirms the construction and opening dates of this new exciting addition, you know SnowBrains will keep you posted.

Artist render 6 chair
Sketch from Development Application of the new top station at 2,042 m (6,699 ft)
Thredbo Mountain Bell
Australia’s highest lifted point, picture: Thredbo Homepage

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