Powder Surfing: Riding the White Wave

Robin Azer |

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Imagine a snowboard. Now take away the boots and bindings, the straps and buckles. What remains is essentially a surfboard built for powder: Powder Surfing. A rider, a board and a mountain of snow. In common parlance, powsurfing. Ideal for the curious boarder with skateboarding skills, these powder boards are reminiscent of  snowboards from the early days of the sport. Unencumbered by bindings, the rider must rely solely on balance and skill to surf through the snow.

“In powder surfing, you’ve got to be focused and your balance has to be just right, and there’s that extra sensation that comes from actually riding with the mountain instead of fighting it. It’s just like surfing in that way, too. You can’t force things on a wave. That wave forces you into how you’re going to ride it.” Jeremy Jensen, Owner/ Creator Grassroots Powdersurfing



Credit: Grassroots Powsurfing
Credit: Grassroots Powsurfing
Powsurf Boards Credit: SnowboardCanada.com
Powsurf Boards
Credit: SnowboardCanada.com

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