Prescription Mother Nature to the Rescue: Experience Winter in Mammoth Lakes

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Photo Credit: Josh Wray / Mammoth Lakes Tourism

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Covid got you down? After months of the mundane, you dream of adventure, crave a change of pace, and long for a deeply satisfying breath of fresh mountain air. Luckily for you, we’ve got a prescription that will fulfill these wishes and more. It’s a remedy to the blues, a medicine for the uninspired, and a cure for the days of seemingly unending boredom. This prescription is powerful. One dose is more than enough to enliven the senses. A single spoonful will inspire euphoric awe and wonder. And just a tincture will fill you with the grandest sense of adventure. So let your dreams become a reality and allow us to prescribe you a much-needed dose of Mother Nature in Mammoth Lakes. No small adventure.

Photo Credit: Dakota Snider / Mammoth Lakes Tourism

Fresh snows have gently blanketed the rugged mountains surrounding Mammoth Lakes, bringing the ski season into full swing. These unbelievable snow-capped peaks beckon skiers and snowboarders alike to travel from all corners of the globe to experience the world-class terrain that Mammoth Mountain has to offer. With over 3,500 acres of rideable terrain, combined with lifts reaching a towering height of 11,053 feet, Mammoth Mountain allows all who stand atop it to feel like they are on top of the world. This is truly an experience unique to Mammoth Lakes as Mammoth Mountain provides access to the highest lift-served terrain in all of California. Whether you are a novice or an expert, these incredible slopes will provide anyone who slides down them with an immense sense of joy and an abundance of infectious stoke. Speaking of which, overflowing enthusiasm will be the only contagion to spread. Through mask-wearing and social distancing, it’s never been easier to recreate responsibly and safely- ensuring peace of mind on all of your unforgettable adventures. Ultimately, if you ski one exhilarating run down the High-Five Express lift at Mammoth Mountain, you’ll not only kiss those Covid blues goodbye but find yourself hooting, hollering, and craving for more powder turns to come. 

Photo Credit: Josh Wray / Mammoth Lakes Tourism

Hitting the slopes is only one of many ways to experience the majesty of Mammoth Lakes during the winter. A dose of Mother Nature has the versatility to be prescribed in many ways- allowing all who partake to find the perfect activity to suit their interests. Amidst the lush Jeffrey Pine forests, the towering Sierra Nevada mountains, and the crystal clear alpine lakes, it would be an understatement to say that Mammoth Lakes is renowned for its year-round sightseeing. Take one glimpse, and you’ll understand why! With wide-open spaces surrounding you, the options for exploration are endless. Hop on a snowmobile and experience 150,000 acres of breathtaking trails through Inyo National Forest. Or, strap on a pair of cross country skis and breathe in the crisp mountain air as you travel across a vast 140-miles of groomed Nordic trails. Regardless of how you explore, you’ll want to be sure you bring your camera. Everywhere you look, an opportunity to capture the perfect shot. A shot that encapsulates the grandeur and extraordinary beauty of Mammoth Lakes. A shot that, when shared, will awaken a sense of adventure in your friends, inspiring them to see why winter in Mammoth Lakes is so special.

Photo Credit: Josh Wray / Mammoth Lakes Tourism

As the days grow longer and winter transitions to spring, avid anglers can trade their skis and boards for a fishing rod. In Mammoth Lakes’ abundance of natural creeks, streams, and high-alpine lakes await a variety of trout that will provide an amazing fishing experience unlike any other. Even with snow on the ground, fisherwomen and men can find fly-fishing paradise in places like Upper Owens River Gorge and Hot Creek, both just a few minutes outside Mammoth Lakes. For those who find that bait casting is more their style, Convict Lake is the place to go. The scenery surrounding the 170-acre lake is idyllic, and the water is so crystal clear that you can see up to 30 feet deep!  Whether you choose to fish from a boat or the shore, you’re sure to have the fishing experience of a lifetime. 

With acres upon acres of vast, untamed beauty, it can be hard to know where and how to begin your adventure! Thankfully, for virtually every activity, guided services are available. Whether snowshoeing, fishing or partaking in any other number of adventures that Mammoth Lakes has to offer, hiring a guide can improve the experience ten-fold. These guides are masters of their craft and more than willing to share their years of experience, knowledge, and love of Mammoth Lakes with all. Take a tour, and you’ll soon feel just like one of the locals with an intimate knowledge of the hidden gems throughout the area. 

Despite the trials, tribulations, and cancellations that have primarily defined this past year, remember that winter is not canceled. The mountains patiently await your arrival, and the snow-tinged evergreen forests quiver in anticipation of adventure. There are so many incredible ways to experience winter in Mammoth Lakes that the only challenge lies in choosing how to explore this natural, wondrous, and expansive landscape. So, the next time you’re feeling blue and craving adventure, remember that prescription Mother Nature will brighten your life, and Mammoth Lakes will always be here to inspire, revitalize, and fulfill you.

Photo Credit: Josh Wray / Mammoth Lakes Tourism

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