TBT: Priceless Peer Pressuring on Pyramid Gap, Utah

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What makes a good day of skiing even better?  When close friends heckle the sh!t outta you and convince you to do something wild and crazy.  To do something to progress you as a skier and a human.  Above is a throwback to Pyramid Gap in Grizzly Gulch where a dismayed skier hilariously waits for 30 minutes before being convinced to huck his meat and sending (but probably not stomping) a huge bakflip over the gap.

Remember “I don’t want to pull a stomach muscle” is no excuse for not sending a backflip!

Tanner could have used a little more motivation back in 2005, when he came up a bit short on Pyramid Gap resulting in a pair of broken ankles:

When have your friends pushed you to the next level?  Was initial bantering as good as the above??

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