Pulseline Adventure, AK Report: Heli Spine Skiing With an All-Star Crew

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Report from April 16, 2021

On Saturday, we awoke from a multi-down-day slumber and emerged into the brilliant sunshine & fresh snow in Valdez, Alaska with Pulseline Adventures.

We were here with legendary photographer Jeff Cricco & an all-star crew to shoot some Alaska heli-skiing.

We opted for a fun, spiney face with good evening light and room to roam.

Miles about to drop. image: snowbrains

The summit drop zones were simply ravishing.

Knife ridges with heavy shadows tumbling down the backside and dazzling sunlight uplifting the frontside.

Big mountain badass Owen Leeper dropped-in first and crushed a nice spiney nose to an air and long run out.

The legendary Meteorite Mountain, AK. image: snowbrains

2-time slopestyle skiing world cup championship Colby Stevenson dropped next, caught air, threw a shifty, and buzzed out of view.

I was next.

My run was a fun spine, big run out, mini spine air, then down to the glacier.

Heli drop. image: snowbrains

The spine demanded focus.

Once I landed the air off the spine it was pure joy.

Big turns, smiles, another mini spine before cruising down to the pick-up zone.

Owen Leeper likes it. image: snowbrains

Elyse Saugstad dropped in after me and shredded the “Wishbone”.

Kam ripped a mini spine.

Bryan Fino arced a sweet ramp with great-looking snow.

Elyse Saugstad in her happy place. image: snowbrains

We all met up on the glacier.

High fives were abundant.

We used the rest of the evening for a photoshoot above the Valdez Arm of Prince William Sound and the views were ridiculous.

Da crew. image: snowbrains

The team at Pulseline is safe, experienced, knowledgeable, and hard-charging.

The terrain they have access to is mind-boggling…

We simply cannot wait to get out there and get in another day here in Valdez with Pulseline.

Pulseline’s guides have over 100-years of combined experience heli-skiing in the Chugach Range, AK.

Thank you.


Guide Jason Champion.
Dropoff. image: snowbrains
Run #1. image: snowbrains
Pulseline heli. image: snowbrains
Cam dashed in the last light of the day. image: snowbrains
Miles Clark heli skiing a spine at Pulseline Adventure in Valdez, Alaska on April 16, 2021
Cornice way and shadow tunnel. image: snowbrains
Dropping. image: snowbrains
Evening light over Valdez Arm. image: snowbrains



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