Rent the Record-Setting $57.25 Million Property in Vail, CO

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Opus and Ethos
The mega ski cabin. Photo Credit: Triumph Mountain Properties

Setting the record for the most expensive local sale at $57.25 million, this Vail property has two homes to choose from. The property, named ‘Opus and Ethos,’ was formerly owned by publishers Webster and (cringe alert for the college students) McGraw-Hill. The two interconnected homes cover a massive 23,000+ square foot area. That’s over one-half acre of pure house! Get all your friends, family, and maybe even your entire subreddit because it will take quite a few people to split the cost of this rental.

The larger of the two homes, Opus, is around 15,000 square feet of living space and has nine bedrooms, 15 bathrooms, two hot tubs, two swimming pools, and plenty more. The home also has unique services like a butler, chef, and personal concierge. I had to google what a personal concierge was, so in case you’re wondering too, someone makes arrangements and performs tasks on behalf of someone else. The Opus still accommodates the shredders by including a stocked ski room with lockers and other adventure equipment. They even threw in a three-dimensional ’14er’ wall art. Hold your breath for this one; rental starts at $24,950 a night, so bring 19 of your closest homies, as this crib is advertised to sleep 20.

Since I decided to be extra curious today, I also googled “opus,” which means artistic work, especially on a large scale, which seems fitting for a 15,000-square-foot house.

14er wall
The ’14er’ wall art at Opus. Photo Credit: Triumph Mountain Properties

Now to the smaller, “more affordable” home, Ethos spans 8,559 square feet and contains five bedrooms and eight bathrooms. Although it doesn’t boast all the amenities like Opus, the house still has access to a pool, a theater room, and a fitness studio. Ethos still has the goods, so you’ll get your stocked ski room, private chef, and personal concierge. Ethos rental starts at $14,950 per night and is advertised to sleep 12.

I promise I didn’t have to google what everything means, but “ethos” is a much broader term meaning the characteristic spirit of a culture, era, or community.

Hot tub chillin’. Photo Credit: Triumph Mountain Properties

Some interesting things I noticed while scrolling through the pictures.

  • Opus has at least six drying machines.
  • The fully stocked pantry would be a dream come true for my 12-year-old self.
  • There happens to be an elevator in Opus.
  • They have snowmelt terraces and driveways.

Triumph Mountain Properties manages both houses in Vail Village on Vail Road. The property is just a short walk from Gondola One at Vail Resort.

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