Reporting From Stifel Palisades Tahoe Cup – Day One Highlights and Photo Tour

Claire Weiss |
GS race course. PC: Claire Weiss

After six years, the Audi FIS Alpine Ski World Cup returns to Olympic Valley. In March 2017, Palisades Tahoe hosted Women’s Slalom and Giant Slalom World Cup events. This year men are racing on that same race course. 

The race course covers Dog Leg and Red Dog Face sections accessible from the Red Dog chair lift, with the steepness of some sections reaching up to 40 degrees.

Pre-race Press Conference highlights, Friday, February 24th.

How is it to be back on American soil?

Tommy Ford: Skiing powder day was ridiculous.

Ben Ritchie: Really excited for the first WC in the US after a long time in Europe and a lot of fun skiing powder!

Brian McLaughlin: Better be racing on home soil.

What do you do when not skiing?

Hunting, fishing, mountain biking, golfing, and even dancing!

How many skis did you bring? And did you bring powder skis?

River Radamus: I have 15 pairs of skis here. I didn’t bring powder skis – I searched for those the whole morning!

Speaking about World champs in GS – What are you hoping to put down tomorrow? 

River Radamus: “I’m feeling good about my skiing right now and comfortable with my skis. My mindset for this weekend is I’m thinking if I put down my best when I compete against anyone in the world, I will make sure I’m holding myself to that standard”

What is most important for this race for tomorrow?

George Steffey: Go as straight as I can and as fast as I can. There are a lot of thrills on this hill, and it’s very exciting. I’m focusing on putting my best skiing down, enjoying the crowd, and the experience on home soil.

Who inspired you?

Most athletes said that their parents inspired them. They also mentioned Ted Ligety and Bode Miller 🙂

 As usual, River Radamus was asked about his new haircut. He said it represents a lightning bolt. 

The current standing before the race, according to the FIS website:

1 2 3
Overall Marco Odermatt Aleksander Kilde Henrik Kristoffersen
SL Lucas Braaten Daniel Yule Henrik Kristoffersen
GS Marco Odermatt Henrik Kristoffersen Zan Kranjec

Twenty-five-year-old Swiss native Marco Odermatt is ranked first overall, he also holds the first rank in Giant Slalom. He won the gold Olympic medal in GS in Beijing 2022.

Norwegian Aleksander Kilde (30 years old) is second overall (first in downhill.) He ranks 21st in GS.

Another Norway native, Henrik Kristoffersen (28 years old), ranks third overall and second in giant slalom. He also holds two Olympic medals and 30 WC victories (23 in SL and 7 in GS)

Giant Slalom, February 25th

After the first Giant Slalom run, Marco Odermatt finished first in 1:08:43s, with Alex Pinturault following in second (+0.25 s) and Rasmus Winningstad behind the winner by 0.29s.

For the Stifel US ski team, River Radamus finished 18th (+1:56), and George Steffey was 26th (+1.70). Unfortunately, Tommy Ford didn’t finish the first run.

The second run started at 1:45 pm. It was cloudy and snowing slightly. The snow on the course seemed warm and soft, which was challenging for the racers. And it was a flat light over the course.

River Radamus missed the gate and didn’t finish the second run. George Steffey made it to 21st place.

Both Marcos – Swiss Odermatt and Austian Schwartz – were charging the course, with Schwartz taking the first place and Odermatt being second, just 0.03 s behind. Norwegian Rasmus Winningstad took third place.

The Slalom race is scheduled for tomorrow. There is another snowstorm in the forecast, but hopefully, it won’t mess up the race.

Photo Tour

Cheering crowd. PC: Claire Weiss
F16 flying over Palisade Tahoe. PC: Andrei Morozov
Slip team. PC: Andrei Morozov
Jonny Moseley, Palisade Tahoe. PC: Andrei Morozov
Henrik Kristoffersen, First GS run. PC: Andrei Morozov
Marco Odermatt, first run. PC: Andrei Morozov
Alex Pinturault, first run. PC: Andrei Morozov
Aleksander Kilde. PC: Andrei Morozov
River Radamus. PC: Andrei Morozov
Tommy Ford, first run. PC: Andrei Morozov
Marco Schwartz, second run. PC: Andrei Morozov
GS Winners. PC. Claire Weiss
Marco Odermatt, podium. PC: Andrei Morozov
Marco Schwartz, GS winner. PC: Andrei Morozov

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