Research Findings Show That Cramming Exercise into 1 or 2 Days a Week Provide Similar Benefits to Exercising Consistently

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There is some good news for weekend warriors. A recent study published in the JAMA Internal Medicine journal, suggests that it is not about how often you exercise, but rather the total amount of exercise that matters.

The study conducted by U.S. researchers tracked the results of 350,000 people over 10 years.

They found that 150 minutes a week of moderate-intensity exercise, or 75 minutes of vigorous exercise is recommended to have meaningful health benefits.

The study followed participants who got the recommended exercise consistently throughout the week. They also studied those who crammed it in over one or two sessions. The results showed that both groups got similar health benefits that lowered their risk of death. It didn’t matter how you got the recommended amount of exercise.

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Skiing and snowboarding at least count as moderate intensity. Other examples of moderate-intensity activities are a brisk walk, light cycling, hiking, or doubles tennis. Running, swimming, or playing sports like football, hockey, or soccer were considered vigorous.

One could take away that if you go skiing or riding for two and a half hours then you are on track. Although, you probably shouldn’t count the time you are sitting on the chairlift.

It is still recommended to vary your exercise routine. Strength training, cardio, and mobility are ideal for well-rounded fitness. Additionally, try to avoid sitting for extended periods.

The important takeaway is to just do some form of physical activity. Exercise has many health benefits, and we all want to be skiing or riding as long as possible.

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  1. So 7 pushups in one day is the same as 1 pushup a day. Not enough. But run 35 miles in a day is the same as 5 miles a day? Hmm. Thanks but I will stick to my routine.

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