Californian Reservoirs at Healthy Levels from Last Year’s Snowfall, Despite This Year’s Poor Snowpack

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Lake Tahoe currently at a healthy 81% capacity. Credit:

Water storage in the region’s reservoirs this year will act as a buffer against a full drought for at least two more years, with Lake Tahoe at a healthy 81 percent capacity and Lake Lahontan at 74 percent.

Snowpack levels at Mount Rose summit haven’t changed much since the outlook in December, as measurements indicate the area is a month behind normal snow amounts, which could be considered drought conditions, reports

“We have enough water in storage from Lake Tahoe in the Truckee River flow,” said Senior Hydrologist Bill Hauck of the Truckee Meadows Water Authority. “We have extensive reservoirs in the area to help us with two summers.”

CA snowpack data. Credit: UCB

At an elevation of 8,800ft, measurements conducted on 5th Feb. at Mount Rose Ski Area’s SNOTEL site revealed 52″ of snow depth and 62 percent normal, a mediocre result according to Hydrologist Jeff Anderson of the Nevada Natural Resource Conservation Service. Snow amounts below 8,000ft are near the lowest measure ever with a median of 25 percent. Around this time last year, the area had four times more snow, reaching more than 200 percent of normal.

“It’s relatively low this year,” he said. “We are having less precipitation and we need cold storms to benefit.”

Current snow amounts in the Tahoe Basin rank fourth lowest since 1979 and 10th lowest for the Truckee Basin; none of those low years ended up with a normal snowpack by peak season, April 1.

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Snowpack clearly made up from three storms. Credit: UCB

Anderson said this month’s snow amounts are slightly better than 2015, thanks to the wet resources the area gained from the winter 2017 storms. But it is possible the area could experience a similar pattern from 2015; Anderson said it was a snowy season in 2011 before the four-year drought began the following year.

“We’re hopeful for more snow,” he said. “The forecast doesn’t look great for the horizon, but it’s possible we could have a miracle in March to make a comeback for snowpack peak season.”

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