Revelstoke, BC Conditions Report: 30 cm Powder Refresh for the Weekend

Olivier Denis-Larocque | | Conditions ReportConditions Report
Laurent, kicking up fresh snow

Report from February 01, 2019

Revelstoke Mountain Resort received a solid powder refresh for the weekend with 30 cm in the last 24 hours. The powder gods have finally answered my prayers after too many nightly ritual dances around a blazing fire.

I teamed up with Laurent for our first roommate resort shred of the season. We clearly spend too much time indulging ourselves in the freedom of backcountry skiing.

Due to the vast of expanses of extreme terrain serviced by a mere two chairlifts, spending a day skiing the resort meant you are guaranteed to run into friends. Coincidentally, we stumbled across the two Dutch devils, Pim and Roelof, in the Stoke Chair’s lift line. They were admiring Mt Begbie peaking through the clouds across the valley.

skiers on the stoke chair
The shred crew (left to right) Laurent, Oli, Roelof and Pim. image: Olivier Denis-Larocque

After completing the short traverse over to the Vertigo Ridge, we navigated its perfectly-spaced trees. The “stoke” level rose through the roof once we noticed the ridge was virtually untouched. We slarved* energetic heli-skiing turns until our legs gave out.

With a freezing level at 1200 meters, the snow was surprisingly light and fluffy.

snowboarder at revelstoke mountain resort
Roelof, hand dragging through light snow. image: Olivier Denis-Larocque

Since the clouds lingered in the alpine bowls, we headed for the relative safety of the glades surrounding the Ripper Chair.

Clearly, we weren’t the only ones with that idea.

They obviously got the memo. image: Olivier Denis-Larocque

After a short 10-minute wait in the lift line, we promptly escaped the powder-hungry crowd. On our way back to the Stoke Chair, we launched off the never-ending stream of side hits on the Downtowner.

Laurent, confident as ever, skillfully launched off cat tracks crisscrossing the mountain.

snowboarder with Burton board jumping off a run
Laurent, showing off his new board in Tally-Ho glades. image: Olivier Denis-Larocque

With one last lap in store, we headed for the the Parachute couloir, halfway down the Vertigo Ridge. While we weren’t the first ones in, the snow was well preserved, allowing me to comfortably maneuver down the meandering chute.

skier down parachute
Oli, charging down Parachute. image: Laurent Gentilcore-Saulnier

We left the resort, satisfied of our long overdue powder day and hoping for many more to come.

snowboarder slashing powder
Laurent, in dire need of a snorkel. image: Olivier Denis-Larocque


image: Revelstoke Mountain Resort


image: Revelstoke Mountain Resort


snowboarder doing an ollie
Pim, sending an ollie. image: Olivier Denis-Larocque
snowboarder nose grab
Roelof, going for a nose grab. image: Olivier Denis-Larocque
snowboarder jumping at revelstoke mountain resort
Laurent, launching off a cat track, again. image: Olivier Denis-Larocque
snowboarder looking into the distance
Laurent, scoping out his next line. image: Olivier Denis-Larocque

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