Revelstoke Mountain Resort, BC, Report – Terrain, Terrain, Terrain

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Image Lee Lau:  Sharon under the Stoke Chair after 3cms new (that skied like 6cms)

It’s no secret that B.C. hasn’t had the best luck with snow this year. Pickings have been slim, with snow levels below average throughout the province. However, you can’t take away terrain, and with that in mind,  one of Revelstoke Mountain Resort’s greatest assets is the terrain.

Image Lee Lau:  Playing on terrain on the Ripper Chair with the 3cms new

Fortunately, we got to RMR as the past week refreshed the snowpack. Forty-four cms fell the past week. Three cms fell on our first day. Eight cms on the second day fell, with the skies cracking to give us visibility. Only two cms were new on our third, but the lift’s slackcountry access gave us ample fresh lines.

Image Lee Lau:  Patrol dropped the rope on North Bowl right on schedule at 10 am after the 8cms new, and we took advantage
Image Lee Lau:  View to the Ripper Chair and down-valley as skies began clearing

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Image Sharon Bader:  Always lovely to get on the Lemming line (a short hike) when one can see
Image Sharon Bader:  Traverse from North to Greely Bowl requires some concentration
Image Sharon Bader:  More fresh snow in the Greely area
Image Lee Lau:  Mt Mackenzie views from the Greely Bowl exit
Image Lee Lau:  With 2cms new, we packed our backcountry gear. A short skin later and we were crossing the boundary south of the resort crossing to Montana bowl
Image Lee Lau:  There’s usually freshies to be found with some effort skinning
Image Lee Lau:  RMR’s groomers are underrated. A little over 1700m vertical to burn and not a lot of skiers (at least compared to our home mountain at Whistler) gives you a lot of room to pick up speed
Image Lee Lau:  Rockford for breakfast at RMR
Image Lee Lau:  We were provided accommodation at the Sandman by RMR. Quiet and comfortable.

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