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This winter Instance Socks (also know as Stance Socks) sent us a few pairs of their snowboard socks to test out. These socks have seem all sorts of use from everyday wearing to multi-day backcountry missions. We were provided with both synthetic acrylic and merino wool socks to sample from.

The Instance snow socks are advertised as snowboard specific with features including a padded shin, elastic arch and ankles which provide a better fit, and a top cuff that wraps around above the calf and hold up the socks well. The other key feature that Instance Socks offer that many sock companies don’t are stylish graphics. Sure, maybe you don’t get to see the socks all that often, but is sure easy to keep track of a pair of socks that are unique.

We received 3 pairs, the camo merino wool pair from the Mikey Leblanc Signature Series, and two pairs of acrylic socks.

The merino wool socks were the most commonly worn socks, in fact at one point, they were worn three days straight for touring and park laps. They have a nice bulk to them as they are a medium cushion and they insulate the boot well. I wore them almost exclusively after I tested each pair.

Sizing is simple: Kids, Women, Men’s S/M and L/XL, we are willing to bet they are selling mostly the women’s and Men’s L/XL as the S/M would probably be small for most men. The merino wool seemed to have a nicer stretch and pull on a little easier than the acrylic pairs.

The merino wool socks that certainly earned their extra $5.00 in value. This pair has seen many days.

The differences I noticed between wearing these socks and some of the conventional cotton(why have I ever worn cotton socks?) or wool socks is that there was no discomfort on my shin or ankle area. This is likely from the extra padded provided in the sock design. The socks also stay up well above the top of my boots so there isn’t any chance for skin to boot-liner contact. Even after long days splitboarding, I never noticed discomfort, chafing or the likes while wearing these socks.

These socks also hold warmth well. They never left me with cold toes or aching feet. Not to say that I experienced any extremely cold days, but a few close to negative 10 Celsius we’re certainly enough to give me a good idea of the performance. For the record the fiber content for the merino wool is as follows: 40% merino wool, 40% acrylic, 19% nylon, 1% elastaine.

The first nations totem pole themed acrylic socks.

These sock also performed well in everyday life. They we’re great for morning bike rides to work when jeans just didn’t keep the legs warm enough, and the totem pole graphics we’re always popular at parties with friends. A few pairs of good socks are a great addition the quiver for anyone living in a cold climate.


Instance Socks proved to be a comfortable warm sock in the alpine and didn’t show any reason not to wear them. The merino wool socks are worth the extra $5 just because of the improved fit, warmth and comfort. If you’re an avid skier or boarder, a few pairs will fill your needs for your days on the mountain. After many days of use, the merino wool socks showed zero signs of wear, and will certainly last a long time. The graphics, which Instance Socks are prided on, are top notch and very stylish, these aren’t your funny joke socks, these things truly are art on their own. Pick up a pair and try them for yourselves for about $20!

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