Sahara Snow hits Europe, Turning Skies Orange

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satellite photo
NASA took satellite photos of the sand bomb being dropped in Europe. Photo courtesy of NASA.

The Sahara Desert flowed onto the Europen slopes. A normal occurrence in which winds send sand from the south sent more particles than usual, turning European skies orange and covering the ski slopes. A southernly drift of wind that typically brings spring temperatures. Instead, brought a sand plume thousands of miles and retained a good portion in the atmosphere.

Skiers were still able to carve through the fallen sand. While most people grabbed awesome photos of the landscape. With parts of Europe experiencing yellowish-orange skies. Such as the city Lyons, France where onlookers marveled at a sight typically unseen in that part of the world. Not unlike the summer and fall skies in the western United States from fires.

Sahara sand blew in
A before and after the sand storm that swept through ski resorts. Photo courtesy of Reddit.

Winds also blew the Sahara over the United States in June of 2020. Filling the air in Puerto Rico and Texas with particulate levels not seen in 25 years. An atmospheric scientist, Joseph Prospero is quoted in the Scientific American saying “It is an extremely unusual event,”. Along with a SnowBrains article showing the first snow in the Sahara in 37 years. 

Possible Cause is the Sahara has Become Larger

As stated above the Sahara sends dust all over in winds often. Yet these occurrences so close together and of such distinction leads one to be curious. Maybe climate change is playing a role in the effects of these peculiar weather patterns. Like desertification which has been accelerating by 25 to 30 times the historical rate. At this rate according to writing in the National Geographic 50 million people could be displaced by 2030. 

Efforts to restore 386,000 square miles of the Sahara are being taken on. Along with China also attempting to reduce the growth of the Gobi Desert. So that in the future hopefully we don’t have more complicated problems caused by desert plumes.

sahara sky
One of the Dune like shots captured by skiers. Photo courtesy of Reddit.

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