Semi-Pro Snowmobiler Killed in Avalanche Near Mt. Baker, WA on Saturday

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tribute video for Lucas Rohde by Alpine Assasins

A semi-pro snowmobiler was killed in an avalanche near Mt. Baker, WA on Saturday.

The avalanche was large (D3), occurred at an elevation of 5,400′ on Park Butte, was 200′ wide, average 4′ deep, and took the victim downhill 1,000′ where he was pushed through a gully and sparse trees.

Lucas Rohde. image: apine assasins

This was Washington State’s 7th avalanche fatality of the season and the USA’s 19th of the season.

9 of the 19 avalanche deaths in the USA this winter have been snowmobilers.

This was the 4th sports related fatality in the Mt. Baker Wilderness this winter.

“We lost a #teammate#friend#brother and all around badass yesterday. AA ripper Luke Rohde was caught in an avalanche on Mt.Baker yesterday and passed away. There are no words to explain how important this individual was to us and meant to our family. As everyone who knew him knows there isn’t a bad or mean bone in his body. Luke was the definition of A GOOD PERSON always doing right and liking and treating everyone kind and always having fun. We will miss the hell out of this man but he will never be forgotten…Until we rip again buddy.” – Alpine Assasins

image: NWAC

27-year-old Lucas K. Rohde from Edmond, WA is the man who died in an avalanche.

Lucas triggered and was killed by the avalanche.

Lucas was with other snowmobilers who came to his rescue, but they were unsuccessful in reviving him.

Lucas Rohde. image: apine assasins

This was the 19th avalanche death in the USA this winter.

9 of the 19 avalanche deaths in the USA this winter have been snowmobilers.

The USA averages 28 avalanche deaths per year.

The USA only saw 12 avalanche deaths last winter.

“The Northwest Avalanche Center is deeply saddened to report there was another fatal avalanche on Saturday, March 10th. The avalanche occurred on Park Butte near Mt Baker. One snowmobiler was caught and killed. NWAC field staff were on-site yesterday gathering info for a forthcoming incident report. This is Washington State’s seventh avalanche fatality this season.” – NWAC, today

Avalanche Details. image: caic

In additions to being a semi-pro snowmobiler, Lucas Rohde wrote about snowmobiling for Mountain Sledder magazine and appeared in the 2013 snowmobiling documentary “Counter Balance” which is available on iTunes.

Map showing location of Park Butte, WA where the fatal avalanche occurred.

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