Shane McConkey & JT Holmes Causing Hell | VIDEO

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“I just sorta, like, do it.  I dunno know, I’m just so good that, I just, like, do it, and I don’t have to think about it.” – Shane McConkey

Red Bull has released another mini video to help build anticipation for the McConkey Movie and it’s pretty fun.  It’s always fun to see how lightly Shane took life and how engrossed in humor he perpetually was.  We all miss Shane and it’s fun to see him having fun again.  This short clip captures that and gets you smiling and remembering how fun this god of skiing really was.


One of the prominent figures in McConkey, JT Holmes is a professional athlete who shared many of Shane’s passions and adventures. JT was filming with Shane on the day of his fatal accident in 2009, completing the same jump only moments before Shane launched his final descent. 

“Shane achieved so much in so little time by combining his talents with out-of-the-box thinking and following through on his ideas,” JT says. “The film is thought provoking. I think that McConkey will get people to think differently, as Shane did.” – Red Bull

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