Ski Helmet Maker Smith Files Lawsuit Against Competitor Anon

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The Koroyd head protection technology as viewed in the Smith Icon ski helmet – PC: Koroyd

In recent years ski helmets have seen a flurry of innovation that has helped prevent or decrease the severity of head injuries. One of the most notable advancements is introducing integrated rubber films that help spread out and dampen impacts to a rider’s head. Founded in 2010, one of the first companies to patent this technology, Koroyd, partners with various brands, including Smith, to get their technology into a ski helmet.

This partnership between Koroyd and Smith leads them to file a joint lawsuit against helmet competitor Anon, a subsidiary of Burton, for patent infringement. The suit alleges that the WaveCel technology featured in Anon’s new Merak and Logan helmets is similar to the Koroyd technology implemented in Smith helmets since 2013. In the suit, the plaintiffs are seeking to stop Anon from continuing to sell their offending helmets or selling any helmets in the future that could infringe on their patents. This is in addition to seeking legal damages that could result from the suit.

Despite having been used before in bicycle helmets, the incorporation and marketing of the WaveCel technology in Anon helmets triggered the lawsuit from Smith and Koroyd. Anon, who was the first to integrate WaveCel technology into snowsports helmets, planned to release more helmets with the technology for the upcoming winter. However, the fate of both the future and current helmets remains uncertain as Burton and Anon have yet to release a statement regarding the lawsuit.

The Anon Merak ski helmet with WaveCel technology – PC: Anon

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