Ski Jumping Outside of the Music Hall in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1938

Miles Wong |
Ski Jump in Cincinnati, Ohio 1938 | Photo via Ski Jumping Hill Archive

In 1938, Cincinnati held a 10-day Sportsmen’s Show in its music hall, with events located in the north wing, south wing, and outside. These Sportsmen’s Shows were popular in many other cities at the time, and after financing had been secured, Cincinnati began planning and advertising one of the most extravagant Sportsmen’s Shows to date. 

One of the most spectacular events hosted at Cincinnatis 1938 Sportsmen’s Show was a massive ski jump that was 110 feet high and constructed outside of the music hall. Its wooden foundation and straw mat landing would have left even Candide Thovex shaking in his boots. However, that did not deter Anders Haugen and Stan Zoberski, two 50-year-old veteran ski jumping athletes, from performing on the jump multiple times per day in front of around 2,000 spectators. Unfortunately, the ski jump event was canceled a few days in after one of the ski jumpers broke two fingers after completing a jump. 

Sportsmen’s Show Flyer | Photo via Ski Jumping Hill Archive

Some of the other events hosted at the Sportsmen’s Show included live animal exhibits, canoe tilting, Canadian log-rolling, and archery contests. The live animal exhibits sought to show off the animals in their “natural habitats.” This was brought to the extreme when one such exhibit featured a mountain lion killing a mule deer. Unfortunately, Cincinnati’s first Sportsmen’s Show was its last for many years after a lawsuit was filed against the corporation putting on the show for insolvency.

Cincinnati Music Hall Today | Photo via Cincinnati Opera

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