Smooth Snow Sliding @ Alta: Conditions Update and Photo Tour

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Alta conditions with smooth chalk
Knifing on the buttery smooth goodness

You know Alta is home to some ripping skiers when, almost a week after the storm, the runs are still buttery smooth and chalky.  Heading out along the High Traverse, there’s a plethora of wind prepped surfaces harboring fast and grippy snow.  Some of the best snow was found in High Boy, and the zone around the Bad News Cliffs still held some very nice and mostly untracked pow.

Alta untracked pow
Only at Alta will there be relatively untracked pow, in bounds and in plain view, a week after the storm

Alta is also about the only resort that allows people to build huge wedges in bounds, essentially under the chair.  To add to the numerous natural booters off of Wildcat, people have been building up beautiful cheese wedge booters.  It’s refreshing to see a resort allow people to have fun and build some jumps to perfect their tricks.

And if you’re looking for soft snow, the longer you’re willing to traverse the greater you will be rewarded.  High Boy, Stone Crusher, and all the other chutes off the High Traverse were holding fantastically soft snow, with a pleasant layer of sugar on top.  Throw in some naturally crafted airs in the middle and you have yourself a fantastic run.

Unfortunately the 10 day forecast is looking dry for Utah.  However, the cold temps should keep the snow skiing great until Old Man Winter decides to do his thing again.  So if you’re in Tahoe and looking to join The Exodus and escape to some better snow, look no further than Alta.

Photo Tour:

Alta traverse
The traverses can be sketchy, but the rewards are well worth it
Alta goofy costume
People were out to have some fun in the sun, keeping things in good humor
Alta groomer shredding
When the legs are in need of a rest, the groomers were ripping
Alta Conditions
The lack of crowds makes it feel like you own the mountain at times
Alta conditions with smooth chalk
Smooth airs to complement the smooth chalk
Alta conditions backflip jump
There are jumps everywhere at Alta, perfect for flippy spinnies

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