SNOW in Colorado Today!

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Snow in Colorado in August.
Snow in Colorado in August. is reporting snow in the mountain of northern Colorado this morning.  Not much more than a dusting, but snow in August is significant, nonetheless.

The above image is from the Rocky Mountain National Park visitor’s center at 11,800-feet.  All the snow that fell last night fell above the visitor’s center.

The rest of the week in CO is looking dry, which is normal.  

Is this August snowfall a sign of anything to come this winter?  Nope.

Is this August snowfall kinda cool?  Yep.

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3 thoughts on “SNOW in Colorado Today!

  1. How come your posts keep disappearing? I’ve tweeted about 2 of your recent posts only to have the links go dead. “Spike in Deaths in Backcountry last Winter” and “avalanche fatalities increase 500% in last 50 years.”

    What is up?

    1. James, very sorry about that. That’s my bad. We are training some interns right now and we are testing their first articles on the site and we had some glitches where their articles ended up on the homepage. We will be publishing that article this week. thanks, miles.

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