Snowbasin Resort, UT Continues Announcing Winter 20/21 Enhancements

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Snowbasin Resort, UT. Photo Credit: Megan Collins/Snowbasin Resort

Fresh off releasing its policies and guidelines for the upcoming winter, Snowbasin Resort, UT, just announced two additional enhancements to make your day on the hill a little easier.

The new “Wildcat Rope Tow” will be debuting right outside Earl’s Lodge and the Grizzly Center base area. The rope tow will be located on the skier’s right of the terrain park on Orson’s trail.

Tired after a long day on the hill and don’t want to walk to your car or jump in a shuttle? Snowbasin will be debuting a new run named “Canyon Rim.” The Canyon Rim Parking Access Trail will be located in the trees to the skier’s right of the Little Cat Express chairlift, starting near the Wildcat Parking Lot and ending across the street from the Canyon Rim Parking Lots.

New Snowbasin base area map showing winter 20/21 enhancements. Photo Credit: Snowbasin Resort/Facebook

The rope tow becomes a dedicated terrain park lift and assists with getting people up and out of the base area during the morning and lunch rush. The Little Cat Express chairlift goes back to being a beginner-focused area and improves the flow of the base area. The Canyon Rim Parking Access Trail will decrease the strain on shuttles, promote social distancing, and reduce skier density in the base area.

At face value, a rope tow and a parking access ski run may not come off as “new” and “exciting.” However, I, for one, think these are smart new additions that will greatly enhance the overall ski experience at Snowbasin for the upcoming winter season and into the future.

terrain park
Terrain park laps will be easier with the addition of the Wildcat Rope Tow. Photo Credit: Megan Collins/Snowbasin Resort

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