VIDEO: Snowboarder Rides Out Of Huge Avalanche In Switzerland

Keenan Grady | | AvalancheAvalanche

Check out Kevin Bantli as he triggers and rides out of quite a large storm slab in Arosa Switzerland at the Weisshorn.  The avalanche danger in the Alps is currently considerable (3/5 on the scale), which generally means that avalanches can occur and that human triggered avalanches are likely.

All the new snow falling makes the skiing appear good everywhere, however there are many dangers unknown to many.  Avalanches are inherently one of the greatest risks a back country skier or rider encounters on a regular basis.  With Avalanche reports showing considerable danger- usually it is smart to take a conservative line.  Kevin Bantli charges this pitch aggressively and is able to outrun the loose, dry slough that chases him all the way down.

Fortunately, Bantli rides away completely unscathed with a heck of a video clip thanks to his buddy, Martin Schläpfer.  

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