SnowBrains 2021/22 Season Highlight Video | 233K-Vertical-Feet Ascended, 181 Ski Days, 3 Continents, 10 Locations

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2021/22 was a rough season for me.

I discovered I had now cartilage nor meniscus left in the lateral compartment of my left knee.

I was basically on one leg all season.

I got some PRP injections, took a month off, skied less, trained harder, and learned to work with pain.

I was still able to ski 181 days in 2021/22 but it was a battle.

2022 was also the year of my very first Alaska heli-guide job – which was incredible.

Fortunately, beginning in December 2022, additional PRP injections in my knee appear to have helped.

I’m very grateful to be able to continue to participate in this sport I love.

Thanks to all of you for following along 🙂

Other Fun Statistics from my 2021/22 Season:

  • 233,000-Vertical-Feet Ascended in Backcountry
  • Backcountry Days: 101
  • Heli Days: 25
  • Resort Days: 61
  • Surf Days: 53
  • Tahoe Days: 14
  • Utah Days: 44
  • British Columbia Days: 20
  • Nevada Days: 1
  • Wyoming Days: 7
  • Alaska Days: 25
  • Mammoth Days: 31
  • Patagonia Days: 22
  • Deep Patagonia Days: 7
  • Antarctica Days: 10
  • Injury Days Off: 57

If you think that is a lot of skiing, stay tuned to see my numbers for my 2022/23 ski season (hint – I’m going for 300…)

I am so thankful to be skiing and I want to thank everyone who was a part of this remarkable season!

Note: We shot this footage last season and never got around to editing a compilation of it until now!

Stay tuned for highlight videos of Miles Clark’s last season dropping weekly on

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