Someone Cut the Sea to Sky Gondola Cable… Again

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British Columbia’s Sea to Sky gondola’s cable has been cut again. Photo credit: News 1130

“Something you’d never think would happen, once in a lifetime, has happened twice,” says General Manager Kirby Brown. Just over a year after the Sea to Sky gondola cable was cut, sending 30 gondola cars crashing to the ground, it happened again.

The cable was cut in the early hours of September 14. Preliminary investigation indicates that this was again deliberate sabotage. Brown says no one appears to be hurt.

The gondola cable is 5.5cms (2.16″)  in diameter and made up of 6 strands, according to Brown. Cutting through 2 inches of metal cable is no easy task. The perpetrator was definitely prepared with equipment such as an angle grinder.

A photo of the cut cable. Photo credit: News 1130

The two-kilometer long gondola is located off of Canada Highway 99 near Stawamus Chief mountain. It is a major tourist attraction in both summer and winter, carrying 400,000 visitors annually up the steep mountainside above Howe Sound.

The cutting of the cable in August 2019 resulted in millions of dollars in damage. The company was forced to bring in about 30 new gondola cabins and a new cable from Europe. The suspect was never found.

Brown says that on top of the extra security that they introduced after last years’ incident, physical security will be implemented in the future to prevent another catastrophe. A new cable was ordered from Europe at 8 am this morning.

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