Southern Hemisphere Snowpack Depths & Snowfall Totals | Chile for the Win!

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Photo: Ski portillo Facebook

Winter is getting into full swing throughout the Southern Hemisphere. So far, Chile has the big winner with Ski Portillo receiving 90″ cumulative and maintaining a 42″ base. Valle Nevado also claims to have an 87″ base, which is the deepest in the Southern Hemisphere. New Zealand has also started to have a decent season after a good storm last weekend. They still need a few good dumps to really get the season going. Austrailia is really struggling this winter, as Mt. Buller has the deepest base in Austrailia at only 15″.

South America Snowpack Depth:


South America

Valle Nevado, Chile: Cumulative- 90″ Base- 87″

Ski Portillo, Chile: cumulative- 90″ Base- 42″

Photo: Ski Portillo Facebook

El Colorado, Chile: Cumulative- 43″ Base- 0″-43″

La Parva, Chile: Cumulative- 43″ Base- 0″-43″

Nevados de Chillan, Chile: Cumulative- 40″ Base- 8″-39″

Photo: Nevados De Chillan Facebook

Caviahue, Argentina: Cumulative- 39″ Base- 14″-39″

Cerro Castor, Argentina: Cumulative- 39″ Base- 22″-39″

Las Lenas, Argentina: Cumulative- 24″ Base- 4″-24″

Cerro Catedral, Argentina: Cumulative- 20″ Base- 2″-18″

Chapelco, Argentina: Cumulative- 18″ Base- 0″-18″

New Zealand

Photo: Ohau Snow Field Facebook

Ohau Snow Fields: Cumulative- 35″ Base- 20″-35″

Coronet Peak: Cumulative- 31″ Base- 6″-31″

The Remarkables: Cumulative 30″ Base- 16″-30″

Photo: The Remarkables Facebook

Treble Cone: Cumulative- 24″ Base- 15″-23″

Turoa: Cumulative- 24″ Base- 3″-23″

Cardona: Cumulative- 18″ Base- 8″-18″

Broken River: Cumulative- 7″ Base- 1″-2″ (resort is still closed)

Wakapapa: Cumulative- 4″ Base- 0″-4″


Photo: Hotham Facebook

Mt. Buller: Cumulative- 15″ Base- 0″-15″

Hotham: Cumulative- 11″ Base 0″-12″

Falls Creek: Cumulative- 9″ Base- 9″-9″

Thredbo: Cumulative- 8″ Base- 0″-3″

Perisher: Cumulative- 9″ Base- 0′-7″


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