A Spring Romp in the African Desert (US Rockies): Skiing, Skating, Camping, Climbing

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Have you ever been on an African desert safari? Do you know the true meaning of “the world has crocodile eyes”? Well here is your chance to go from the dusty deserts to the jungle mountains on a safari through the world. These are some of the sights you might expect to see, lions, grizzlys, sea life etc. This is the heart and veins of world safari tours. Also, come along on a world safari tour for a moderately prices fee, just send leave a comment saying where u want to safari and when, and if you are strong of heart, YOU WILL SAFARI.

This entire video was filmed in the African Desert in 1978.  

(It was actually filmed from end of may 2014 thru now. I’m tryin’ to pretend it was filmed in the African desert and things like that, but actually it was filmed in southern Utah, and also the ski line is a little obscure line off teewinot, Wyoming the north west couloir.)

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