Squaw Valley 2014/15 Highlight Video:

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Video and words by Aaron Fox

If you happen to be in the middle of making a season edit this year please stop what you are doing right now, because you are simply not going to beat this one.  Even though it was the fourth drought winter in a row for Squaw Valley I still some how managed to have fun.  And it wasn’t because of the world class grooming, five star restaurants, and the family friendly atmosphere Squaw Valley has to offer.

I know its tough because it hasn’t really snowed in four years, but we still have a hand full of rad skiers out there making the impossible possible.  Skiers that are sticking the uphill ice and stomping the hard pack conditions.

I’m lucky enough to call these few skiers my friends and they’re the reason why I continue to have fun year after year.  Big shout out to all the boys, you know who you are.  Thanks for believing when no one else would and don’t forget to #goskiinwithyourfriends, #gobiggetbabes, and make sure it’s #deepinspots.  I guess this is the part where I say “see you next year,” but #youwont!  Oh and keep in mind that Gopro footage can be a little deceiving, so every air in this video is easily over a 100 feet!

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3 thoughts on “Squaw Valley 2014/15 Highlight Video:

  1. Sooo siiick, low tide squaw, way to keep it real, loved the goodwill’s shot, always like the steepness of that landing

    great stuff. thx for sharing

  2. That was bad-ass. Saw you hit some of those lines and it was great to see people still getting after it in super low-tide conditions. Even in a bad year Squaw is still rad.

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