Squaw Valley, CA Conditions Report: Fun, Wet, Sloppy, 7″ Powder Day

Miles Clark | | Conditions ReportConditions Report
Jason Dobbs in some of the good stuff on KT-22 today. photo: snowbrains

Today was a hoot at Squaw Valley, CA.

7″ of new snow on the upper mountain and a trace at the bottom.

Upper mountain closed in the morning but KT was damn fun.  Especially where it was smooth and untracked.  The snow was wet, heavy, sloppy, real fun, with a soft, corny layer underneath.

The fallen My Air tree in the fog this am. photo: snowbrains

Rock Garden, Red Dog Ridge, Olympic Lady chairline were all great.

Shirley Lake opened at noonish, but was already sticky by then.

Very foggy in the morning with a stiff north wind.  The fog slowly lifted all day before completely giving up and letting the sun in.

Jason Dobbs monkeying around on Olympic Lady today. photo: snowbrains

As the fog lifted and the sun came out, the snow got stickier and heavier.

We called it at 1pm with big smiles on our faces.

The fallen My Air tree this afternoon. photo: snowbrains
First tracks on lower KT-22 today.

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5 thoughts on “Squaw Valley, CA Conditions Report: Fun, Wet, Sloppy, 7″ Powder Day

  1. If that snow wasn’t the definition of mank, I don’t know what is. In fact, I would go so far as say Super mank, or in Spanish Ultimo mank.

  2. Powder day? More like glue day. You must work for the marketing department. Worst leg breaking snow I’ve skied all year. And now we have the all inclusive “weather hold” excuse for chairs not running. Smart move though for keeping the lifts closed as it will be smoother once all that mank settles down.

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