Squaw Valley, CA Conditions Report: Ripping Groomers and Good Coverage

Tanner Blake | | Conditions ReportConditions Report
Neat groomers and tracks off piste
Siberia in the morning – PC: Tanner Blake

Squaw Valley 1/14 Conditions

I went snowboarding at Squaw Valley this last Monday. While the snow off-piste wasn’t all that great, the groomers were really cruisy and perfect for checking out coverage before the oncoming storm.

Mainline pocket with bomb holes
People got after some sketchy looking lines on mainline last Thursday – PC: Tanner Blake

As I rode around it was cool to see bomb holes from the last pow dayPeople went huge, and I saw tracks on lines that I’ve never even noticed before.

Mainline/ Gold Coast groomer
Nice seamless groomers all around the mountain – PC: Tanner Blake

The groomers were great. The corduroy got chewed up pretty quick, but the snow stayed nice and edgeable. There were also quite a few people on them so I dipped off for some runs on Headwall and Granite Chief.

Granite off-piste moguls
Huge moguls with decent snow – PC: Tanner Blake

Snow on the north-facing terrain was pretty nice. It had stayed cold and dry since the last storm, keeping it soft and feeling semi-fresh. Unfortunately all of the south-facing runs were bulletproof, and there were deep moguls all around the mountain, so I decided to return to cruising the groomers.

Granite chief coverage
Coverage is looking good! – PC: Tanner Blake

For the first time this year the upper mountain was looking nicely covered. This means that Squaw’s oncoming storm is going to have a killer base. Hopefully we’re all done hitting hidden rocks until spring.

Snow falling near emigrant
The storm begins – PC: Tanner Blake

Snowflakes were falling by the end of the day as the storm began to roll in. The storm, which NOAA is calling for 34″-66″ by Thursday, is going to hit hard. Locals should be aware of intense winds and avalanche control that will likely impact mountain operations, and visitors should be wary of road closures and travel impacts. Get stoked, but be patient and safe.


Headwall from mountain run
Early light on Headwall – PC: Tanner Blake
big blue tree
The dead tree on mountain run was looking pretty spiffy – PC: Tanner Blake
KT upline looking good
KT should be set for coverage after this next storm – PC: Tanner Blake
ARC snowing hard
Getting way more snow than I expected – PC: Tanner Blake


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2 thoughts on “Squaw Valley, CA Conditions Report: Ripping Groomers and Good Coverage

  1. Ripping groomers and good coverage, last week it was good hucking snow, the week before it was EPIC base, so in other words, the skiing sucks! Who are these people who write these lies and how much are you paying them from Squaw?

    1. Not going to get into an argument as to whether or not the 14th had good skiing or not, but for the record this was written by me, an unpaid intern. Just trying to let people know that the storm cycle (the one that is finishing up tonight) is being dropped on an already good base snowpack.

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