Squaw Valley, CA Report: Granite Chief Peak on a Bluebird February Day

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Report from February 4, 2021

The skiing has been spectacular lately at Squaw Valley, CA after receiving nearly 100″ of snow in less than two weeks. 

The California sun was out in full force but there was plenty of quality snow leftover, especially if you were willing to work for it. 

Granite Chief Peak nearly untouched. Image: Snowbrains

Granite Chief Peak, the highest point in the ski area (9,050 ft., 2,758m), was the place to be today and it was 100 percent worth the hike.

Miles and friends agreed:

“The east wind had us wary, but we marched up Granite Chief Peak anyway. The snow was tricky….  Wind-pressed, sunkissed, and punchy.  I had a spicy ride, Andy Hays went big, and Fox broke into the 4th dimension with his ridiculously-rowdy-as-hell line.”

Miles pointing em! Image: Snowbrains
Today was ripe for sending. Image: Snowbrains

I met some friends who had already hiked and skied “Buttress Chute” but it did not take much convincing to get them to hike to the top this time.

Although it was warm enough at the bottom to shed a layer or two, the wind was whipping on the hike up and at the summit.

David Jacobson and Phil Brown ascending Granite Chief Peak. Image: Galen Carrico

The 360-degree views from the top were incredible and the snow was great once you got off the ridge. 

Phil and David about to drop in…and those views! Image: Galen Carrico

On the second lap, they opted for “Summit Chute” and I skied down what I think was “Direct Chute.”

Great snow in the chute: Image: Philip Brown

We all had smiles plastered on our faces for the rest of the day after those runs and we watched a few other skiers and riders come down before heading into Granite Glades on our way back to the lift. 

David getting his money’s worth. Image: Phil Brown

All smiles. Image: Phil Brown

We rode up Granite Chief one more time to look for some North-facing steeps since the south-facing snow was getting a little cooked in the sun.

We traversed high and to the skier’s left this time and found some steep chutes with great snow.

Then we hopped on Shirley Lake Express to take a run to the base to grab some waffles.

It was great to see everything caked in white against the bright blue sky.

More nice weather is in the forecast this weekend so enjoy!

Snow Numbers:

Image: Squaw Valley/Alpine Meadows (SVAM)


Image: Squaw Valley/Alpine Meadows (SVAM)
Image: NOAA.gov


Tram and the Tram Face. Image: Snowbrains
The view from Siberia. Image: Snowbrains

The Palisades: Image: Snowbrains.
Tram Face in the morning as the moon sets. Image: Snobrains

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