Squaw Valley, CA Report: Legit Full-On Mid-Winter Storm Day on May 21st

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Report from May 21st, 2019

Today, May 21st 2019, was a full-on mid-winter powder day at Squaw Valley, CA.

The high temperature at the top of the mountain today was 27ºF.

Squaw reported 5″ of new snow this morning and 28″ of new snow in the past 6 days.

Today was windy, snowy, stormy, and cold.

Nate Kushlan in deep on Granite Chief today. image: snowbrains

We started the day on KT-22 and it was a bit of new snow on coral reef and frozen chicken heads.

So, we went up to Granite Chief.

Granite had some of the same but Corkscrew skied well.

Granite Chief. image: snowbrains

After 2 on Granite we went to Siberia to Reverse Traverse into Headwall.


Headwall face was blown in, bottomless, and free refills due to the high winds there.

Nate on Granite. image: snowbrains

North Bowl and Cornice II Bowl were also excellent.

We did lap after lap and the wind refreshed the snow lap after lap.

We mostly did half laps to get back to Siberia chair but we also did 2 top-to-bottom laps that were dreamy.

High Camp today. image: Squaw Valley/Ben Arnst

Fun, cruisy, mellow, stormy, powder day.

Just what the doctor ordered.

Today may have been the last true powder day as the weather the rest of the week appears to be a bit warmer and rainy-er.

KT-22. image: snowbrains

Today was a very special day.

It was just so neat to be in a real winter storm in the end of May.

The summer solstice is only 1-month away!

Squaw is open daily until May 27th, then weekends (Fri-Sun) until July 7th.


image: squaw, 5/21/19


image: noaa, 5/21/19

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