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27 thoughts on “Squaw Valley, CA To Consider Changing Name Since “Squaw” Is a Racial Slur

  1. Is this not part of our responsibility to decolonize and provide reparations? This is how we are anti-racist.

  2. Well changing the name will definitely make up for all the increased pollution and carbon emissions that the proposed village development will bring to the tahoe area in the span of the next quarter century or such.
    So ya name change will make plenty of reparations for increased air pollution. Sure why not?
    Corporate greeders anyone….

  3. Honor these people and their history and culture!!

    Anglo-saxon, waspy people who immigrated to these lands are the biggest insult to indigenous people and animals for that matter.
    Lets kill all wolves coyotes etc etc too right.
    No wonder this country is in such a mess for electing such a Prepostuously Obese Total Unaware Sociopath POTUS named tRump.
    Jeebus people jeebus…..

  4. OMG I just puked. Everyone is going soft in this country. Let’s call it PC Valley. Or Wet Paper Towel Valley.

    This country is loosing its marbles.

  5. “Squaw means the totality of being female. Squaw is NOT an English word. It IS a phoenetic rendering of an Algonkian word.
    As a traditionalist and historian, I am deeply suspicious of how modern political attitudes are often applied to the past without careful consideration of origins.
    We, as indigenous peoples, must not let other cultures, even other “Native American” cultures, define, and defile, our languages and symbols. I even hesitate to use the term. Native American,” since it implies that we are Native citizens of a colonialist power that conquered and divided the original nations in this continent (none of whom were “American”), but that’s another discussion.

    1. Smart woman thank you for posting that.
      Maybe the iklowns that run SQUAW Valley will get a clue.
      Founder and original owner Wayne Poulsen was a man of integrity, WWII military veteran and knew he wasnt slurring anyone.
      As far as slurring goes…snowbrains…wtf.

  6. The only name that is possible for squaw is…
    Please vote for big chubby!

  7. Alex was a slave owner, remove any likings of him.
    Heavy Sarc.

    This shit has gone too far….

  8. What the ………….. we are at this point in America squall Valley’s name is racial Fuck come on man

  9. Y’all can have it
    Call it Squawk valley cause people who ski there are too into themselves anyway.
    Alpine always has and will be the mellower ski experience for sure, no attitude like Squawk.
    Namaste meadows is as mellow as it gets.

    And base to base gondola, ugggh.
    Q. What did the alpine local skier say when his buddy asked him if he’s wants to take the gondola over to squawk valley?

    A. Na-maste…..

  10. Olympic valley is the easy way out since, as the article stated, the name is in use already. BUT, since the pending gondola to connect Alpine and Squaw will make the area essentially one ski area, I hope they consider a name that flows off the tongue better than “Squaw-Alpine” does currently. Maybe “5 Peaks” for Granite Chief, Squaw Peak, KT-22, Ward Peak, and Scott Peak.
    –And before you comment, yes the gondola probably will not truely make the areas one, but Heavenly has set a precedent with one name for what is really two ski areas.

  11. Minor correction-Arizona should actually be added to the list of states that have removed this name. Squaw Peak and the Squaw Peak freeway were renamed Piestewa after a Hopi military woman who died in service.

  12. Squa-wal-pine isnt racial slur at all since the two mountains merged under same ownership dontcha know??
    Unless youre drunk as and get thrown out of the Cantina bar.
    Oh right that closed….operator owed corporate big past due rent amounts.
    Bigger issue though is the J1 visa South American seasonal employees will not be able to return this year to staff on mountain ops so what is Alterra planning to do? No mention from anybody on such
    Mountain ops will be very limited especially during mid week times.
    Hire locals? Sure and house them where in the newly built employee housing that squa-wal-pine so intelligently built?
    Overall skier numbers and gross income down
    Corporate bean counters already making skiing less enjoyable with oversold and underdelivered product.
    Aint gonna get better btw
    Glad at least to ski when it was privately owned and not as oversold as it is now.
    Bigger things to worry about than some name

    1. Don’t shed any tears for the Cantina. It wasn’t the great place it used to be anymore. It was in decline for years and got down right gross. The place was closing pre-covid regardless, so this one isn’t actually a victim of corporate greed, but rather died a slow death by mismanagement.

      1. The Can’t-clean-er was so frikken filthy Covid19 couldn’t even survive there.
        Was much better imo when it was under previous ownership as Red dawg saloon yo

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